Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Here Comes the Rain!!!!!

The weather looks rather ominous today at the Williemas household!  The sky is dark and crammed with thick, grey clouds.  They're so full of rain that they seem to be sagging low enough to rub against the tops of the swaying trees!  The wind is definitely picking up, and is gugusting like a northeaster... this should be quite a day.
Today all signs pointed to rain: the wind was steady, the clouds were dark and thick, and the munchkins were WILD!  I should become a meteorologist.  Seriously!!!  More times than not I can predict the weather for the day.  You're probably wondering "How does she do that?"  OK, I doubt that you were asking yourself that, but I'll tell you the answer anyway (because I'm just that nice of a person!)  Most weather dudes use a barometer, that measure- umm, I guess it measures barometric pressure?  Makes sense to me!  But exactly HOW that predicts the day's weather is foreign to me... my tool of measurement is much easier to understand how it works, AND it's easy to read!  I can pretty much tell you what type of day it will be just by the munchkins behavior.  Let me explain...

If they are quiet and laid back then is going to be a beautiful, sunny Florida day.  How do I KNOW this?  Because this will be a day that I have to force them to play outside.  It will be a day of epic battles just trying to keep them out in the beautiful sun!  Lazy munchkins = gorgeous weather!

If they are grumpy and whiney then it will be uncharacteristically cold that day.  They wake up on the wrong side of the bed and I get to spend the rest of the day wishing I could send them back there!  Cool, brisk attitudes= cool, brisk air!

Then there's my least favorite weather indicating behavior: WILD munchkins!!!  This is probably the most challenging.  You know it's going to be a stormy day (both inside and out) when you walk into a house of wild indian kiddos all hooting and hollering at the top of their lungs, and running around inside the house like it's a racetrack.  Brace yourself, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!  Today was one of these days!  They were so hopped up on candy left over from Easter and I just knew that it was going to be a rotten day for the weather.  And vise-versa!!  If the weather is bad them I know the to expect similar attitudes from the munchkins !

It's like they can sense what the weather is going to be that day, and adjust their moods to fit it.  Now, when predicting the weather, this method of prediction doesn't work if it's only one or two kids that are behaving this way; it has to be the majority of the bunch or it doesn't work.  It somehow ties into the "pack mentality"... you know like a shark feeding frenzy, or wolves hunting.  This is equally dangerous and life threatening!  Take today's weather as an example...  when I awoke this morning to dark skies, gusty winds, and rain threatening to fall in a deluge at any moment... when I arrived at work this morning I was faced with the same "weather" from the kids: dark moods, gusty tempers, and all out Armageddon threatening to breakout at any moment!  It's days like these that I fear the most... well, not fear, but dread... the best thing for sour moods is time in the sun, running and playing, but that won't be an option today.  Why?  Haven't you been reading this post??!!!  The weather is muy mal!!!  (That's Spanish for,
 "VERY BAD!!!")  We are experiencing wind gusts of up to 65 miles an hour!  Trees are toppling over all around us, and branches are hurling through the air like projectiles!  My little munchkins would be blown away if I sent them out in this!  Can you imagine them flying through the air like some crazy kind of birds?  This just means that I must keep them and their bad moods inside with me.  Yeah.  Resulting in noise levels of deafening proportions, arguments galore, and aggravation abounds.  Again, I say: yeah.  If I survive today I will be wiling to humbly accept the Nobel Peace Prize.  Seriously.  

I wanted to include a picture to illustrate the mood of the house today.  And as luck would have it, the weather cooperated, (thanks goodness somebody did!)  I took this on my iPhone because my CoolPix was drained from Easter.  I was standing on the back porch and not about to brave the elements to get this shot.  That being said this is a picture of the lake out back.  It was so windy that there were actual whitecaps on the water!  At one point there were foot high waves!!!   Look at the wind battering those trees!!  Now that's what I call weather!  I just hope to walk into a house with sleepy, lazy kids tomorrow... at least that way I can be SURE of good weather!

When I came to work today half the kiddos were still asleep and I had to drag them out of bed!  BTW- the weather here is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Just incase you were wondering!

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