Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What I Wouldn't Give to Have an Adult Conversation...

So, one complaint ALL moms have is that they miss having conversations with adults... I think the same could be said for nannies.   Bill Cosby is well known for saying, "Kids say the darnedest things!", and that is SO true.  My munchkins, however,  excel at saying the darnedest things...

Here is a taste of the conversations I've had thus far this morning... (It's not 10 AM yet...)

Brian LOVES to play with my hair.  He does it without even thinking about it, he just reaches over and fingers a few strands as I read to him or review the day's lessons.  He's a very sensitive child with a wonderful heart.   Today we were cuddling on the couch and he was playing with my hair, as usual.  He says, "Your hair always feels like plastic." I knew what he meant.
"Because, I have moose in my hair, silly." (A girl's gotta look her best!)  "It makes it feel funny." "Ahh, but it makes it LOOK good!"  Then John Paul pipes in his less than two cents, "Are you sure it isn't a DEER?" Of course this erupted into a litany of possible wild game that could be making my hair feel like plastic.  Elk, caribou, water buffalo, antelope, alpaca?  The fun is never ending around here.  

After the noise died down a bit, I began to herd (pun intended) the kiddos upstairs to the schoolroom to begin the day.  Celine, the youngest, asks me to sit with her, that she had something to talk to me about.   She says, very seriously, 
"Shanny, I think I'm allergic to Math..."
"Really?  How can you tell?"
"I don't know, I just can.'
"Well, are your eyes itchy?"
"Uh-huh..." (As she rubs them for effect)
"Do you sneeze a lot?"
"Is your throat scratchy?"
I sighed, and grimly shook my head and gave her my professional diagnosis,
"Well, it DOES seem like you may be highly allergic to Math, Beans ( her nickname), but there is something that can be done..."
"When I was a little girl, I had really bad allergies,"
"You still do!  You sneeze all the time!"
"Yep, anyway, I used to have to go every week and get allergy shots so that my allergies wouldn't be so bad."
"With needles?'
"Yep, BIG ones." In a heartbeat's time she replied:
"Yeah, I don't think I'm allergic to Math anymore." And she climbed up the stairs without another protest.

So my number is 555-NANNY if you'd like to engage me in a little grown up speak.  Maybe discus the stock market, politics, or debate religion.  On second thought, I'll stick with the kind of conversations that deal with grazing mammals and school related allergies.  It's more interesting...  

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