Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Week-Long Work Week

Today is Day 1 of the week-long work week! Today my bosses leave for Dallas for a week. Kaleigh, the oldest of the 8 "kids" to have jaw surgery. (She's not technically a kid anymore, but I can still picture her sweet nine year old face that first day I came to the house...) Pray for her on Thursday, if you would, please!

So, it's me and the other 7 munchkins for the next 8 days. You may be wondering if you'll need to call the men in white coats by the time next Tuesday runs around. I don't think so, but you should probably keep the number handy, just in case. A lot can happen in 8 days.

For instance: The kids could cry "mutiny", and attempt to overthrow the ruling party (that would be me). Or a giant tsunami, (wow, I totally spelled that correctly without spell check!) could hit the east cost of Florida; though I don't believe one ever has. What about aliens? They could invade Earth just when Donna and Chris leave and snatch the kids' bodies and force them to do things against their will- wait... That could be a good thing. I'm pretty positive alien children are more well behaved than earthling children, but that's just a hunch. There is the off chance that I could lose my mind from the never ending chatter, questioning, noise/sound effects, arguing, and aggravation in general. The last seems most likely, but all are plausible. What? You know you've worried about at least ONE of those things happening, haven't you? Am I the only one who stays up at night worrying about this kind of stuff? Great. Now I'm a confirmed crazy. Go ahead and send out those men in white coats... At least we'll be prepared when the inevitable happens.

My Alien Boys...

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