Friday, December 7, 2007

Who's Who in the Family

In my last post I mentioned that I am a nanny for a family of eight kids. And, yes, they all have the same mother and father. The next question I am always asked is, "Are you a live-in nanny?" My response is a resounding "NOOOOOOOOO. I enjoy being sane." I may as well live there some days, though. I usually work ten hour days five days a week, and an occasional weekend if their parents go out of town. My schedule is very flexible, and Donna and Chris are very generous with my time off.

When I stated working for this family I was fresh out of college. Well, I guess I should say I had just decided that I was going to take a break from my studies to "re-evaluate" the course of my future. So I was pretty young, and looking for something to pay my bills. A friend of the family suggested I call this family she knew of that was considering taking on a nanny. She knew that I had done this sort of thing before. So, I thought, "What the heck?", and called the number she gave me. The rest is history! After some time alone with six small, unfamiliar kids, I began to think about "re-evaluating" my "re-evaluation"! They were good kids, but I was seriously out numbered.

There are in order from oldest to youngest: Kaleigh, Warren, Monica, Colette, John Paul, Grant, Brian, & Celine. Whew!

-The oldest, Kaleigh, was nine at the time, and very helpful and very sweet. She is now a college gal, and working hard!
-Warren, was 7 and was completely engrossed in computer games and Legos. Come to think about it, he still is! And a very talented director of short films. He's done quite a few. I should post a couple of them on here!
-Monica, sweet, quiet Monica, was six when I met her. Nine years latter, still just as sweet, not nearly as quiet, though! I love that she talks to me and still includes us in her life. She is a jewel. I'm really proud of the young woman she is becoming.
-Colette, had just turned five when I met her. She was a spit fire. I'm big on nicknames and sweet little terms of endearment. At the time I was calling everybody "angel". Well, she she turned to me and in a matter-of-fact voice informs me "I am not an angel. Angels are pure spirits. I am a little girl." Ah, the fruits of a home school education! I agreed with her and asked what she would prefer me to call her. Her response : "Princess will do just fine." She's been the princess ever since.
-John Paul, 20 months at the beginning, wanted only his big sis, Kaleigh. If there were ever any problems or tears, just handing him over to Kales solved ALL problems! At 11 he still is a little picky, but he is the poster boy for Sports Nuts!
-Grant was just 2 weeks old when I signed on to handle this mighty brood! He was, and still is my sweetie pie! Such a good baby, he's now turning 9 and breaking my heart! In a few more years he'll be breaking a LOT of hearts!
-About 18 months latter my six became seven, when Brian joined the family. Somehow HE decided that he liked being the baby, and nothing was going to ruin his big plans of being just that, not even a baby sister! To this day, he still acts like the youngest child. Very hungry for attention, but so sweet and lovable. I just have to remind myself each time he lugs his ever growing 7 year old body up onto my lap, that the day will soon come when he won't WANT to sit and cuddle and hear funny stories about all the silly things he did as a baby and toddler!
-Last, but most definitely NOT LEAST, is Celine. She must have known that her big sis Colette already held the "princess" title, because from the moment she arrived she has been QUEEN CELINE! She loves to mother everyone, and make sure that they are doing exactly what they should be doing! At six, she even keeps her daddy in line!

So it's an even split- 4 girls and 4 boys. Of course, the girls still have the upper hand. Don't we always? I could go on FOREVER, that's partly why I started this blog. But I think I will save some matterial for another post!

Have a blessed evening, and BE GOOD!

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Joanie said...

I love this....I enjoyed reading what you have up so far....Pls tell your family that cousin Joanie says Hey....Maybe we can get together in your FREE TIME when I visit in Feb., either just us or do something with Lisa...would love to see your new place.
Luv Joanie