Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ebay blues

I have been wanting a multimedia projector for some time now. You may be wondering why in the world would I need a projector. I really want one for youth group, I have for years. To be able to project pictures or videos or PowerPoint slide shows would be wonderful. But I need a projector first. I could ask Father to get one for us, however I am a little selfish here. I want a projector that I can count on being there when I need it, not on that will be lent out to every Tom, Dwayne, and Harrison. So I hoping to invest in one personally. Not having a fortune to invest in such things, I turned to Ebay, because "every thing's better when you win it!" according to the ad company that Ebay hired. So, I found a great one, without any reserve, and bid on it with 2 days to go. I just found out that I was out bid. :( If everything is better when you win it, then is it worse if you don't? I'm beginning to think, "Yes!"

My very generous boss has offered to let me use HIS projector when I need it, and I have taken him up on the offer a few times now, and it is a humdinger of a projector! Very nice, and so easy to use! But VERY expensive, and it makes me a little nervous that klutz-o me might drop it or bust it up in some bizarre way. SO I am now wishing that the "Projector Fairy" will bring me a projector for being a good little girl. I won't be holding my breath!

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