Thursday, February 14, 2008

Last nerve...

I have never considered myself a font of patience. I mean, I can tolerate only so much before I SNAP!!! Today was one of those days where the font ran dry rather quickly, leaving me little choice but to become the meanie that shouts and yells, " Cut it out, or I'm gonna whack ya!" They know I'm only joking, so it really does little more than make me feel better, and leave them thinking that I need anger management classes! I could be writing about all the LOVE and the sweet things the kids did today to mark this day of HEARTS, and I will in a moment, but first let me explain the psychotic meltdown that occurred only moments ago...

In the spirit of the holiday that is St. Valentine's Day, Donna had a BUCKET of candy waiting on the kids this morning. AWWW, how sweet! Right? WRONG!! These munchkins have been OUT OF CONTROL!!! In as much as these kids can be out of control, I mean, nothing has been burned beyond recognition, or anything, but the yelling and wrestling, and incessant chatter all while we are trying to learn has been, well, MADDENING! One can only say, "Please be quiet, children" in a sicky sweet voice a couple of hundred times before the voice becomes not so sweet! Well, in the midst of this chaos, Chris, their father calls home to check on the kiddies. I answered the phone, "Williams' Mad House, Shannon Speaking." Well, that threw the kids into hysterics, so much so that I had to flee to another room and barricade myself within, just to be able to have an adult conversation with my boss and find out what his plans were for his lunch with the kids. Of course a few locked doors did not deter the sugar induced high! No, the kids continued to bang on the doors demanding to be let in and to talk to their dad. But my time in the gym paid off! I was able to hold them at bay long enough to finish our conversation. Yeah, ME!

Once I returned to the school room, and Meghan and I restored order. We all got back to the business of learning. Or, so I thought. Just as things were grooving along, Chris called again to let me know that the plans we had made had changed slightly. In mid sentence, I hear this loud POP, and the pinging of what I came to discover was thousands of KIDNEY BEANS! As I turned to see what was going on, there sat Brian with a busted Ziploc bag, a bag that HAD been filled with our Counting Beans, which were now scattered all over the floor! Here is a little video of the aftermath...

And the Clean up efforts:

It really only took about 10 minutes for him to clean them all up. But it felt like 30 to him!

One final note: As I finish typing this Grant is in the background saying : "I'm done."
Meghan corrects him, "Finished."
Grant: "No I'm done with spelling."
Meghan: "No, you are finished. Cakes are done, people are finished."
Grant: "That's what I said!"
Meghan: "It is NOT what you said. Use proper English!"

And minutes latter she had the SAME conversation with John Paul! Maddening, I say! MADDENING!

God bless and be good!

OH- and use proper ENGLISH!

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