Thursday, January 10, 2008

No Pain, no________! (you fill in the blank)

As I type this I truly believe that I SHOULD be in traction. Every muscle I possess is crying out in pain! (Thank you, Stacie!) In know that old saying, "No pain, no gain", but I have my own saying, "No pain, stay sane!" I am not much for discomfort, EVER, so this is no fun for me. OK, sure, at least I know I did some good, right? Wrong! What fun is it being fit, if you are too miserable to enjoy it? All whining aside, I am glad that I had a hard workout last night. I was mentally prepared for it, really I was! And while Stacie gave me the most challenging routine I've had so far, it makes me glad to know that this time LAST YEAR I would have never even imagined I was capable of some of this stuff. So thanks to Stacie for the pain and suffering! Really, there is NO sarcasm in that statement! Honest!

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