Monday, January 14, 2008


Man! I broke my blogging streak! Too bad, so sad!

This weekend was eventful! I had a BLAST with Penny and Yvette. We went out for drinks and then to dinner. We laughed SO hard! Yvette made Penny
snort! (Sorry, Pen, I had to share that!) It was a great night for old friends getting together and enjoying each other.

The school room holds many wonders for us. It's is a place to learn, play, and yes, at times torture one another. Our space is well organized and laid out. Grant and Celine's desks are separated by a cubical wall, only because Grant has the uncanny ability to be distracted by ANYTHING!!!! No, really,
anything! So he is separated from the rest of the world by this "wall". He has found a mirror, (he probably was supposed to be doing Religion or English when he discovered it.) It has a wide neon pink frame around it with a magnet on the back. He quickly realized that he could attach said mirror to aforementioned wall because the frame of the wall in question is indeed metal. Well, each time he passes his new toy he can't resist checking himself out! He'll stop and admire his "guns", as he calls them, which would be his non-existent bicep muscles that he loves to flex. Or he'll flash a cheesy smile and give himself two thumbs up. As if this weren't kooky enough behavior, when we entered the classroom today Meghan noticed a new addition to the Mirror o' Vanity. It now has a caption that reads, "GRANT YOU ARE LOOKEN GOOD" (typo is as it appears on the mirror). Meghan feels compelled to question Grant:
Meghan: "Grant, did you put this on this mirror?"

Grant replies, "Uh-huh."

Meghan: "Why?"

Grant: "Because I
am lookin' good!"

So now each time Grant passes the mirror he not only primps and parades, he now mumbles "Yes you ARE, looking good, Grant!" As he plants a kiss on each "gun". My concern is growing. Yes, the child should have a healthy self-image, but can one have TOO healthy a self-image at the age of nine? Not to mention that he has forbidden the other kids to look in "his" mirror: "SEE! It says MY name on it! So it's MINE!"

I have included a few pictures...

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