Friday, January 11, 2008

On a roll!

Yahoo! I've blogged three days in a row! I think the trick to this blogging thing is to keep it short and sweet! So that is now my goal! Short and sweet!

I am so looking forward to tonight! An old friend, Penny and I are meeting up tonight for dinner and drinks. Pen and I were partners in crime back in the day! So I am so excited about us spending time together. Man, the things we do when we are young and stupid! Well, for that matter, the things we do when we are OLD and stupid! I have no CLUE how my mom survived me growing up. I pushed her boundaries to the limits! Now I was a dear, sweet child, but if I could get away with something, or better yet if I thought I could get away with something, then by-golly I was going to try! Mom, I would like to "publicly" apologise to you before all 2 of the people reading this post. ( and unfortunately that number includes YOU!) Thanks for putting up with me and never making good on your threat to "take me out of this world", regardless of your prerogative to do so.

Warren passed his driving test yesterday, so now he can cruise the beach for babes. Saints preserve us! Don't worry, he is NOT getting a vehicle, regardless of how much he insists what a HUGE help it would be to his mother if she didn't have to car pool anymore. She says she'll suffer through ferrying them to and from school each day, for now. I'll let you know how the driving thing progresses!

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