Friday, February 15, 2008

I love "LOVE"!

I had a wonderful St. Valentine's Day yesterday! Between the kids and my friends and my- OH!!! Yesterday my parents sent me a sweet surprise. Remember how I was telling you how they always did something to make the day special for us? Well, yesterday around 4:30PM the doorbell rang at the William's house and JP answered the door. He comes into the room announcing: "Flowers for Shannon the nanny! Shannon the nanny, I have a flower delivery for a Shannon the nanny!" I thought he was kidding around, he does that sometimes, you know, kid around? Well, sure enough he had an adorable bouquet of flowers for me from my Mom and Dad! How incredibly sweet! Aw, shucks! I feel loved!!

Here are the little beauties:

Cute, huh? Well, the kids were impressed. And I was thrilled! Thanks Mom and Dad! I love you both, too! OK, back to the dinner...Meghan had a wonderful candle lit dinner at her house for several of her friends who happened to find themselves single this Valentine's day. Um, that would seem to include me, so she included me. Oh, and Yvette. We had delicious Salmon and new potatoes, (Thanks for not serving the old rotten ones, Meg! That was really thoughtful of ya!) I brought a simple salad to share. Afterwards there was CHOCOLATE FONDUE! OH, MY GOODNESS! Have I mentioned how much I love chocolate? And we all played a rousing game or two of Catch Phrase. (Metacarpal, epidermis! Something you water your plants with.... um, water?) OK, so it wasn't Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, but it was a great time and the perfect alternative to sitting around moping about not having a sweetie! Thanks to Meg for a great time! It was one of my favorite Valentine's Days!

Gonna go get some work done!

God bless and BE GOOD!

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