Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

Happy St. Valentine's Day!!!

Well, today is a day for lovers and mushy love stuff, right? OK, it is for those things, but I have a broader understanding of this Holiday. My Mom always told my sister and I that she was our FIRST Valentine, and like all things, she made this day very special. She always had a card and some small gift to mark the day. It could be flowers, or a heart shaped box of candy. Ore year she had matching heart shaped anklets engraved with our names on them for Katie and I. Even as we grew older she and Dad always did something extra to show how much they loved us. Now, we already knew this fact, but it has made for wonderful loving memories that I hope to one day pass onto my children. I delight in doing much the same as my Mom did back then, to be able to present some small offering to those I love and care for, even if it's a silly little trinket, at least they know that I thought especially of them today. Thanks you Mom and Dad for teaching what it means to love, and it's more important to show someone that you love them EVERY day than just on a special day. I LOVE YOU!!

The Williams' Kids made today very special as well. They make cards for Meg and I, and gave us some very cute stationary sets. John Paul even BOUGHT us cards and drew us lovely pictures of Cupid shooting us and our "men".

Regardless of whether or not I have a "significant other" in my life at this moment, I know that I am Deeply Loved. I pray that today as well as each day that you may know the Love of Him who loved you FIRST and PERFECTLY. And know that I love you, too!

God bless and Be GOOD!

PS. I'm told that the "SB" in the hearts in the first picture stands for "somebody" and the "SN" is my initials. That JP is a Cutie-Pie!

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