Monday, March 31, 2008

The Eternal Spring Break...

We are entering week three of the Eternal Spring Break! I know that Spring Break is on the verge of being finally over- but it seems to this individual that it will continue on forever! Two of the kids had Spring Break the week prior to Easter, the home schooled kids took their break during Easter Week, and now Monica is on her Spring break THIS week. Things are not looking too promising, as far as getting work accomplished goes. This week seems to be fraught with distractions and interruptions. See when Colette and Wern were home, they would sleep until lunch time, roll out of bed, and promptly go to someone else's house, or off to meet friends. So there were few distractions while the rest of us worked on school. Last week was fun and easy going. We mostly just chill-axed, (that's chilled and relaxed for those of you not hip to the lingo of the day!) But this week, with Monica being an early bird and itching to go do something, things are well, hopping. So far today Monica got up, ate, beautified herself (which doesn't take much effort, she's gorgeous!) and has gone to get her DRIVER'S PERMIT!!!! Holy Driver's, Batman!! I am surrounded by teens getting their driving privileges! I mean, come on, people!!! I've got teens from the Youth Group driving, teens at work driving! I think the only way this would be any more traumatic is if I had kids of my own driving. That might just be too much to handle. So I have a feeling that the next few days will be filled with requests to take a certain 15 year old driving, and keeping me constantly updated on the status of her boredom. For the WEEKS prior to her B-day, I (and the rest of the free world) received daily reminders of how much time remained until her birthday. Well, anyway, now we get daily reports on how she has nothing to do, but if someone would take her driving, then she'd be happy. LOL! I assume the "someone" she is referring to is moi, but her beautiful puppy dog eyes do not have the same control they once had over me! I am strong! I will not cave! Besides, my insurance won't cover her driving the "Mighty Kia" so she'll have to settle with Mom or Dad. Now, I'd ride with her in one of their vehicles- but that is not a piece of information that I plan on supplying her with for at least another few weeks. I need that long to get all my "affairs in order"!

Be good and God Bless!

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