Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Meghan just mentioned in passing that we only have five weeks left in this school year!! OMGosh! I cannot believe how this year is FLYING by! This is already the fourth month of the year, and it seems like just last month I was worried about how much I still had to do to be ready for CHRISTMAS! The kids are so ready to be finished with school. They keep asking if we could double up on work and be done sooner. That would be fine and good, but then they would be begging Meg and I to come up with things for them to do! Now why would I rush to finish school, only to have to occupy them, still? At least with school they can't complain that I chose boring activities, or try to talk me into doing something else. Believe me, Summer will come -soon enough.

We've already started with the numerous requests to go swimming! Jeez! It's just finally been warm for more than 3 days in a row, just long enough for the water to warm up a little above FREEZING! It's cute to watch them tentatively take those first few steps into the water after it's been so long since they last swam! Little Celine didn't think that she would remember how to swim. But she is a great swimmer, and relearning how to execute the perfect dive. She has an amazing dive. It just comes naturally to her. Brian on the other hand, while being a good swimmer, doesn't quite grasp the mechanics of the dive. We tell the kids "Hands. Head. Body. Legs. Feet." Just to help them visualize the order that they should enter the water, and thus have the basics of a decent dive. No matter how much we remind him or show him or whatever, he always ends up going into the water in the wrong order: "Hands. Body. Head. Legs&Feet." So it ends up more like a belly smack than a dive. The point is he TRIES! One day he will have a beautiful dive, one that he can PROUDLY say that he worked hard for, and then show the permanent red mark on his belly from all the attempts to perfect his 10.0 Dive!

Be good, God bless, and remember to always swim with a buddy!

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