Monday, March 24, 2008


Alleluia! He Is RISEN!
Blessed Easter to all!

Well spring is in the air! I pray that you all had a blessed Easter. Our's was wonderful! I promised you pictures of the cakes I made, and I'm here to deliver! I decided on the lamb and the egg. Both were cute, but the lamb has a small cake to icing ratio, so it looks good, but it's not the best for serving a lot of people. The egg was great, the bunny would have been good, too. Well, you decide:

What a cute little lamb it turned out to be! I had conflicting feelings chopping him into bite sized pieces. It felt a little like hacking into "Lamb Chop"! Man I loved that little guy! We of course had the requisite egg hunt. The kids were so cute, and they loved looking for the eggs that were a little harder to find. Alexis talked all about the goodies that the Easter Bunny brought her, and Cora kept us all entertained doing the "nay-nay" dance. For all of you unfamiliar with this particular dance move- it's an up and down bopping motion, and really it's something she does because she can't contain the excitement over having nay-nay (candy) it's so cute, and I love it when she does it! I think we should all do the nay-nay dance right now! Come on! Don't be shy- I'm doin' it. Are you? OK. So maybe you need a little incentive. Go get some peeps and do the nay-nay dance!!!!!!!!!

Well, I have lots to blog about, so I better start a new post!

Be Good and God Bless!

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