Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Second Birthday, CORA!

Boy, do they grow up FAST! It seems like yesterday we were all waiting for the little lady to join us, and today she's turning two! And she proudly proclaims to one and all: "I two!" So sweet, so funny! That little girl makes my heart smile! I love all my nieces and nephews, each has a special place in my heart, and that child is no exception. Imagine what the life of a two year old must be like. She's no longer and infant, but completely able to get around and explore the great big world around her. And does she ever! That kid is fearless! At last she can speak to you and you understand exactly what it is she's been saying, now she's wondering what took us so long to learn to understand what all that gibberish she's been spouting meant! She's learned the power of the word "MINE!", and now she's mastering the whole "potty" thing, and doing quite well at it!

Her latest thing is the "mike" she got for her birthday. No it has nothing to do with Hanna Montana, that's more Alexis' style. The "mike" that she refuses to let out of her sight is really a bike, that she mispronounces as "mike". She rides it everywhere, refusing to walk anymore. It's a hot little number; a Barbie Hot Wheels, and although she can't quite reach the peddles, she can still get exactly where she wants to go!

It's quite obvious that Miss Cora is changing and growing every day. It's amazing how much they change in just a year! Before we know it I'll be bloging about her getting her driver's permit! I am going to love watching this little daughter of God grow and develop into the creature He created her to be. She is a joy and a blessing, and we are all blessed to have her smiles and hugs to brighten our lives.

Happy 2 to You, CORA! We love you very much!

Big HUGS and SMOOCHES from your Aunt Sissy!

Be Good and God bless!

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