Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Getting older...

SO my last post was about my dismay at the kids growing up, and while that is saddening, today I managed to see the whole thing in a different light. HELLO!!! I AM GETTING OLDER!! AHHHHHHHHHH! Please help me. I need a cure for the disease of aging. Send LOTS of money to my newest cause the "Foundation for Keeping Shannon Young and Spry". I have no cure as yet, but I know that all that mulah is bound to make me at least FEEL better about being older!

This all came to my attention because Grant felt it necessary to do the math to see how long it would be before Meg was 40, which led to my own personal countdown. For the umpteenth time I mistakenly thought I was turning 32 this year, rather than the 33 I will actually be turning in a few months. NO ONE, and I mean no one should be made to think about turning 40 before they're 39, at least! So now I am depressed AND feeling "old" with no end in sight.

Just when I don't think I could feel any worse, Meg tells me about this 16 year old kid who just left to try to become the youngest person to sail around the world SOLO!! Now I feel like an old BUM! A bum with no ambition and drive. While sailing holds no appeal for me, and I'm most definitely not an adventurer, I feel as though I should have, at the very least, kept up with learning how to knit! (Something I started towards the end of last year and never followed through with!) I wonder if I'll ever have anything to brag about having done before I reach the end of my life? (AKA turning 40!)

This old coot has to sign off and go polish her dentures.

Be good and God bless.

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