Monday, June 16, 2008

Growing up...

I was made very aware this weekend of the fact that all the little people in my life are growing up- FAST! It's a sad fact that makes me both proud and a little nostalgic for the days when they were all little! Alexis has been an avid gardener since the time she could toddle out to the garden with her PaPa. She loves to grow tomatoes, datil peppers, carrots, and strawberries. She's now purchased a ridiculous number of Lady Bugs to help protect her precious produce from the ravages of other buggies.

Cora delighted in watching them swarm all over in their plastic container. "Dem Sissy's budggies!" She's talking so much! And once again I will say that she is too adorable. Sunday she found a pair of tongs and went around pretending that she was "Bob"- one of Alexis' hermit crabs and pinching everyone with her "claw"! "My Bob! MY Bob!" Which translates into, "I'm Bob! I'm Bob!" She refers to herself as "My Tora!" when you ask her who she is, and when you ask how old she is she replies, "My two!" Oh, and now you can ask her WHAT she is and she says, "My a durl. Deucie hims a boy!"

Deuce is growing up as well, and loosing that "little baby" look every day. He has one of the sweetest smiles I've ever seen! Man, oh man! Is he EVER a momma's boy. My sister has her work cut out for herself!

I took Alexis to see her bestest friend Celine in her very first dance recital. Lexie has been in dance for years now, so she was so excited to see Celine in her first! "Beans" as she is sometimes called did wonderful!!! She was so cute and all the other girls were watching HER to remember their dance steps. She took this dance stuff SERIOUSLY! And then on Friday her mom took her to get her hair cut for the summer. May I present...The new Summery Celine.....

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