Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mummies in the Morning

We have the kids reading each day, in hopes that come fall, we will have kept their reading skills sharp as well as begin to instill a love of reading in them. Celine, who is going into First Grade, is quite the little reader! She reads everything she can get her eyes on! She has discovered the American Girl Series and loves it!

John Paul is reading the Chronicles of Narnia and is in The Dawn Treader, Grant; the Spiderwick Chronicles, and Brian is working his way through the Magic Tree House series. The book he is reading right now is Mummies in the Morning. In the book these kids travel back in time to historical locations. It really is neat concept, the kids are getting a History lesson and never even realize it!

Well, they all have to read aloud to us, and afterwards we talk about what they have just read. It was at this point that Brian turns to me and very seriously asks, "Shannon? Umm...why did they wrap mummies in all that toilet paper?" I try REALLY hard NOT to laugh at him. Seeing as he's already a GIANT ham, and we don't want to over indulge him. Well, not anymore than we already do. I think we've created an attention hording monster! Anyway, I told him that it wasn't TP, but bandages used to preserve their bodies. Apparently this was more information than he was looking for. He was totally grossed out by the whole idea and couldn't understand why ANYONE would want to do that.

After a quick talk about their ideas on the after life, he tells me he would never want it to be that way; he'd much rather just go to Heaven when he died and be happy with God. Forever. From the mouths of babes!

I hope you have all had a wonderful day! I've missed blogging regularly. We're off to Winnie the Pooh live. I'll let you know how that was tomorrow! I just love that Fuzzy little Cubby all stuffed with fluff! Off to the Hundred Acre Woods we go!! Ta-ta!

Be good and God bless!

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