Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fay is on her WAY!! ...

...So, stay away from the bay for the day.  OK?  I know, you're probably saying, "LORD, make her stop!  I PRAY!!!"  LOL! I done, I promise... I'll explain this nonsensical outburst later in the post!  Meanwhile: 

Batten down the hatches!  Board up the windows!  Stock up on agua and batteries!  Call in the National Guard!  And shiver me timbers!  Oh, wait.  That's not one of those orders one shouts when preparing for a HURRICANE!!  Holy cow!  This little lady is taking her sweet time moving across our state.  I think she's trying to decide between going to Disney or Universal Studios.  Then there's talk that she'll like her stay in FL SO MUCH that she'll turn right around and head West back across the state!  Even then, some meteorological models (wow! Did I really just say that?) have her going back out into the Gulf and turning North and hitting FL AGAIN in the panhandle!  Man this storm is persistent, if nothing else!

Now I've lived through many a storm, (um... just read my LAST post!) but this will be my first hurricane since moving to the beach.  Interestingly enough, this will also be the first storm to hit Jacksonville head-on in many, many years!  (Provided Fay does turn back and bite us in the boo-ta-tay.)  Regardless, Yvette and I are pretty prepared.  Keep in mind, I'm NOT stupid, and I'm NOT a thrill seeker.  So: if the going gets tough, then the "tough" is going home to Mommy! (and Daddy, he's the one with the generator and all!  A FL girl can't live without her AC!  LOL!)  Never fear, readers, I will be safe come heck or high waters (and the waters are supposed to be rising quite a bit!)  I'm sure once the wind dies down, and the waters recede, we will all see that FL is still here and so will we be!  

I do think that the low barometric pressure is getting to me, though!  (Again with the weather speak??)  While Yvette and I were out scampering around for last minute emergency supplies I had what can only be described as a mental breakdown.  For some reason, while in the midst of our mundane conversation, I started speaking in rhymes. (Refer back to the beginning of the post.)  It just so happens that all the words rhymed with "FAY".  For some reason this struck my roomie and I as especially funny, and we were laughing so hard we were crying (That's nothing new around here.  Lots of hysterics on a regular basis.)  To top it all off- my normally easy going roommate, who puts up with all my antics says, "ENOUGH!  OK?"  Well, to state the obvious, "OK" does indeed rhyme with "Fay".  This set us off on another round of gut splitting laughter.  

Once we had composed ourselves, we proceeded to Home Depot to get some batteries and other goodies.  While we're on the topic of batteries, (if we weren't before, then we are now! LOL!)   Tell me if you have ever wondered if the whole battery industry is a racket??!  Why are the little suckers so darn EX-PEN-SIVE???  Plus you spend all this money on them, and they don't last a week!  No wonder that little pink bunny, has all that energy and can afford such COOL shades!  He's got all of America's hard earned cash!  OK, my rant is over.  

I'm gonna go get what might be my last night of peaceful, AC cooled sleep.  Pray for those whom Fay has already lay victim to, and please pray for us who have yet to meet her.  We are praying right along with you.   

God bless, and in light of the coming storm:  be safe!


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