Monday, August 18, 2008

If a tree falls in the Williemas Yard...

Sorry this has taken so long to post.  There is a reason, a stupid one, but there is one, none the less.  See I started this post LAST week, but I think I got too creative.  I started writing this involved descriptive post.  It was very interesting, if I do say so myself.  The problem was that it totally didn't sound like my blog at all.  So I've opted to abandon the idea and just tell you what it was supposed to be about.  Here it goes...

If a tress falls in the Williemas yard, and there's no munchkins around to hear it; does it still make a sound??

Last week, I think it was Wednesday, we had a pretty fierce Florida storm.  Tons of wind and rain.  That's really nothing new, it's been doing this everyday for a few days now.  But apparently this was particularly strong.  There was this old palm tree in the Williemas' yard.  This thing was TALL!  Probably around 400 feet!  Just kidding!  I was testing to see if you people REALLY pay attention to what I write, geesh!  It was more like 60 feet tall, still, that's pretty darn tall.  This tree had been bugging Chris for a while now, and we were all starting to worry with us in the midst of hurricane season, that this pesky palm tree might blow over and hit the house or fall on the pool deck- crushing the fence in the process.   Chris had even hired a tree removal company to take the tree down.  The company come out with their truck, tools, and tree removal dudes, but when they left the tree was still standing.  Still standing???  Well you see, it seems that it's morally negligent to cut down a dead tree that has THREE families of Woodpeckers raising babies in it's trunk!   Of course we already knew that it was wrong to whack down a tree with bitty baby birdies in it, we just didn't know that there was babies in it to begin with!   Well that was a few weeks ago, and Chris has been waiting for those little critters to leave the nest, literally, so he could finally get rid of that tree.  

It was a really nasty day, it rained so hard and the trees were bending over from the force of the wind.  The weather forecaster said that there had been hurricane force winds.  Apparently so- because while we were sitting in the family room there was a giant gust of wind and a blur of white flashed passed the window.  We had thought it was the shade umbrella, and that it had been swept up by the wind and chucked over the fence.  But it was actually the old dead palm tree!  When the storm let up a little the boys and I ventured out to get a closer look...

I told you it was tall.  It practically stretches half way across the lake!  Grant thought he'd take the time to pose with the palm.  I believe he has a future as one of the following career choices:
A). A logger
B). The new face of Captain Jack Morgan
C). The youngest person to climb the highest tippy top tip of a really big mountain. (Doesn't he look like an adventurer?)

Oh, and we found one of the nests from the woodpeckers....

If any of the kids ask, YES the babies HAD already flown away and they are all safe and happily living their little birdie lives. (I assume this is the case, I need for it to be true as much as the kids do!  Poor wittle birdies!)  It was a big nest for such little animals.  

The tree is still there.  Half in the water and half out.  It's become a reef of sort.  All the local turtles climb up and hang out sunning themselves all day, and the big sea birds love it too.  By the way- we were informed on Friday that there is a new resident on the lake.  A five foot gator.  Not for long, though, their sending out a animal wrangler to remove it.  I just hope that I don't look out the window between now and then and see a prehistoric monster hanging out there with the turtles and the birds!!!

Be good, and God bless!! 

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Carolina said...

I love it! We don't get stories like this out here in California... we so miss the east coast weather. Good thing the tree didn't fall on the house, huh? Whew!!!
Talk to you soon, Shannon!