Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Jesus Is A Friend of Mine

Please watch the below video, then read the post that follows.  First you'll need to mute the music to the right of this post. That way you can hear the amazing lyrics!  Thanks in advance, to Meghan and Sarah for the laughs and the subject for this post!

WARNING!:  The following music video has not been approved for viewing by the MAAM (Mother's Against Annoying Music) and is likely to burrow its way into your brain and remain there forever and always!  The author of this blog cannot be held responsible for what you are about to experience.  View at your own risk.  

Brought to you by the corny group "Sonseed".

Yes, Jesus IS my friend, and I hope that He's your friend, too.  If not, then we need to talk.  :)  I am sorry to everyone that has just watch this video, but you have to admit that it was amusing.  I got the idea to post this video from another very funny blog that I was encouraged to read today.  Sarah, who wrote the blog,  had lots of funny observations on this video, and reading her comments made me think of some of my own...

First of all, WHO put this rag tag group of misfits for Jesus together?  I mean, come on!  Is the lead singer for real?  The answer is... YES!  He is!  This is in no way a spoof, it's the real thing, baby.  That lead singer, (we'll call him Julio) really IS all that into his little ditty, and I do believe that Julio thinks that he's lookin' sharp!  In fact, he's rockin' out so hard that it seems that he can't even hold his head up straight, it kept leaning to the side.  Or was that for emphasis?  Also can anyone shed light on why Julio knits his brows so often?  After a while that gets a little distracting.  Also, was that a guitar or a toaster with strings he was playing?  OK, enough about Julio, I could go on forever, but there's plenty of great material in these 3 little minutes!

Second- How about that other guitarist?  I think that he thinks that he's in some 70's Rock band.  Maybe Petra?  (It's an OLD 70's Christian Rock group.)  All I can say is that the dude can rock!  Oh, and Sarah and I want to know where this guy got those blue shoes.  Maybe Elvis' garage sale?  I still want a pair!

Third- The lovely lady on the Cassio Key board. There is a beautiful piano right behind her, does she not know how to play it?  Also that keyboard of hers is sitting on what looks to be a side table.  Like one you would place next to a couch.  I guess they used up all the budget on those fabulous spectacles her and that other lady behind her have on.  I think those are what Sarah Palin should be wearing!  You know, I have a fold out TV table she could use if she's still rockin' this song and still a little low on funds.  

Fourth- It had a cool Polka beat and with what sounded like Rap lyrics.  I know it's... it's... it's- POLKRAP!  HA!  J/K  Sorry, I couldn't resist.  I know, bad nanny, bad!  ( I actually meant it as Polk-rap, but polkrap is how it came out.  Still funny, just a little edgier.)  Honestly, at one point in the song, Julio calls this "rock n' roll!"  Is the poor guy deaf?   Oh, and in all my years of upbringing in the Church I was always taught that Jesus was in the business of saving souls, not zapping them.  ZAP!  I've heard him called The Good Shepherd, but never a Canadian Mounty.  Am I the only one who gets the feeling that these lovely people might be from Canada? (it was the Mounty reference that clued me in!)

Fifth- Hmmm.  Oh, and the back up singers have some crazy complicated choreography going on in the background.  NOT!  Sarah said they looked like they'd taken one too many muscle relaxers.  I say, " Just one?"  

Sixth- Guy at the end of the video.  I call him Earl.  (Doesn't he look like an Earl?)  Earl may be saying, "Thank you, thank you!  That was beautiful, beautiful!"  But you know that he's thinking: "Please, just get off my stage.  I am not scarred for life, that song is forever ingrained in my heard, and, whoever booked you guys on this show will be standing in line at the unemployment counter tomorrow morning!"

Seventh- There were lots of thought provoking lines in this little song.  For instance; at the beginning, when he sings, "He taught me how to turn my cheek when people laugh at me."  Well, thanks to YouTube, people will be laughing for generations to come.  Bazaar, yet annoyingly catchy lyrics.   I'm beginning to get a little creeped out.  Just a little, though.  

I think my favorite line of the whole song was this:

"He loves me when I right, He loves me when I'm wrong,

He loves me when I waist my time by writing silly songs"

OK, but what about the rest of us poor schmucks who just watched the ridiculous video a dozen times?  Does He still love us?  OF COURSE HE DOES!  He's Jesus!  That's the point of this whole sad excuse for a music video, and this poor excuse for a blog post!  Jesus loves us even when we're stupid, corny, annoying, badly dressed, and playing a toaster with strings!  He loves us no matter what. (Even if we take advantage and poke merciless fun of the poor fashion sense and terrible music of the 70's!)

I want everyone to know that all of these comments were made in a spirit of love and laughter.  I am in no way judging these lovely people or their relationship with Christ.  We just talked about being "Fools for Jesus" in youth group, so I really do admire these crazy "kids" for coming out in a time when Christian music consisted of :Kumbuyah, My Lord", "Jesus Loves Me", "Zacchaeus was a Wee Little Man", and more of the same.  So, I hope you had fun.  I did.  Now, let's all break into rounds of "Jesus Loves Me".  No?  OK.   I understand.  It's more "corn" than you can handle in one night.  Really.  It's OK.  But don't look at me funny if I sit here, alone, and sing it all by my lonesome.

Be good and God bless!

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