Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My apologies...

I guess I need to apologize to everyone for my last post.  It seems that it rubbed some people the wrong way.  I am sorry if it was misinterpreted, I never meant any of it to be unkind or demeaning.  

I'd like to make a few points for the well meaning readers who didn't enjoy my post as much as I did:

It's all in fun!  This blog is simply a dictation of my life, and since my life consists of my spending 10 of my 16 waking hours with the kids I nanny for, then the majority of the blog would obviously center around them.  And while I love the kids I have many other wonderful areas in my life that bring me joy.  I have an amazing family, who I love dearly, and who provide me with an abundance of funny things to share here.  I have fantabulous friends who make me laugh so hard that I burn more calories with them than I do walking 30 minutes on the treadmill!  I won't mention the fact that I have two adorable kitties that I have purposely spared you all the pains of having to listen to the multitude of cute little kitty things they do!  (BTW- you can thank me for that the next you see me!)  

I agree that I would rather read about the hilarious things my kids do, they are pretty darn funny.  I just thought that in my previous post I would share with you something that I personally found very funny.  It just happpened to be apart from the kids.   As much fun as they are, I sometimes find I need a blog break from the munchkins, and be able to write about other topics.  
Ok, enough with the mea coulpas.  :)  I will say that I really liked my last post, and it really was all a joke.  That video was a Christian Music video before there even were music videos; Christian or otherwise.  I can't imagine that my little post was painful or damaging to any of those lovely people. 

I promise you all that there will be many more funny Nanny Blog stories, and plenty more stories about all of Shannon's shenanigans as well.  Please keep leaving me comments, and most importantly, please keep reading.  Otherwise, these would be just the senseless ramblings of a professional nanny with no one to read those ramblings.  In short I'd be writing to myself.  And I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure that is worse than talking to yourself!

God bless and be good!



Katie said...

I was just kidding! I figure it wasn't just me or you wouldn't have removed it. I thought it was funny, really. Love ya Sis!

Mom said...

From the one who has loved you the longest, there are so many wonderful, talented, beautiful and funny things that make you who you are. Everyone I know appreciate your love for life and the spectacular way you can express that love not only through blogs but your whole and entire life! The example you set for the rest of us (especially me who I assume had something to do with who you are)is always a humbleing thankful experience I realize when I take the time to meditate upon the amazing gifts my Lord has graced me with in my life. I love you Wooty and you keep finding laughter in all of life. And please keep sharing it with us who love to see the world through your eyes and heart! Mom