Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kmart Kraziness

My least favorite time of the year is quickly approaching.  (No, KATIE, it's not my birthday, but it is coming sooner than I would like, too.)  It's Halloween.  I am so not a fan of Halloween.  I'm not big on glorifying gore and evil.  Not to mention that this is the WORST time for those of us who are trying to eat in a healthy manner.  I am a chocolate addict.  Just add that to the FaceBook addiction.  If there were a way to combine the two I would be a HAPPY woman.  Anyway... so there is a LOT of chocolate to be found out there right now, and a lot of icky gore, but the kids love it.  We actually forbid any mention of Halloween until a maximum of 2 weeks before the date.  We started 2 days early this year, and I took them all to Target and Kmart to look for costumes.  Grant said before we even left that he was going to be McCain for Halloween, Celine wanted to be an angel, JP has either a super hero or a villain in mind, and Brian just wants to dress up.  He eats this stuff up with a spoon!   They had a blast playing dress up in the aisles.  And I had a blast watching them!  The rules were as follows:

  • No gross or demonic costumes!  Not even to try on. ( I easily have bad dreams.  I know, I'm a wimp!) 
  • Be gentle with the costumes!  You break it, you buy it!
  • Put everything back where you got it.  Don't just throw it on the floor when you're done with it!
  • And last, but most importantly:  ABSOLUTELY no scaring Shannon!  They just love jumping out at me from unanticipated places.  They like it when I "scream like a little girl"!
The last rule didn't apply to scaring each other, though.  So JP hid behind a bunch of costumes and had me call Brian over to see a werewolf costume.  Of course the others followed, and when JP leapt out form the costumes; growling, "ROAWR"!, all three munchkins squealed!  It was pretty funny!  They all had their fun with the costumes.  In the end, Grant got the mask (his mom says that he probably won't get any candy!), Celine got her angel costume, JP was totally uninspired,  and Brian came home and started digging through the old costumes trying to come up with something unique.  (He just modeled his creation for me.  It a black spiderman mask with black shoes, pants, and long sleeved shirt.  Oh, and a sawed off rifle.  He calls it the "Assassinator".  Do you think I should start worrying about this one!)
Here's the picts of the krazyiness!

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Be good and God bless!

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