Saturday, October 11, 2008

On the Run...

Literally!  So I've been quietly training for my first 5K.  Thanks to the encouragement of my good friend, Erin.  She mentioned a few months ago that she was seriously considering running/walking in the RITA 5K in October.  At first I told her that I would not and could not run a race.  I would not, could not keep the pace.  I would not, could not even try, I would not, could not want to die!  But after thinking about it a little more I thought that it might be a good motivator for me.  I kept it quiet because I wasn't really sure that I'd follow through with it.  Then I decided that this was something that I needed to do, and to hold myself accountable I went ahead and told a few family members and close friends what I was planning to do.  Each of them had VERY different reactions. Here are a few of them:

My Mom:  Is that really a good idea?  Should I have fire/rescue on speed dial, or would it be better if they were on site?  Well, if you think you'll be OK, then it'll be fine, I guess, but make sure you have your inhaler and don't push yourself too hard! ( Um... isn't that the point?)

Stacie (my trainer): Really?  That's great!  You can do it!  I think I'll join you!  (And she did!)

Yvette (roomie):  Have fun.

Donna (my boss):  If Stacie says you can do it, then you'll be fine.  It'll be fun.

One day, a few weeks ago, while we were training to run/walk the race, Stacie brings these walking poles with her.   She says she wants me to try them out, to see how I do with them.   I really liked them, so we decided to use those for the first 5K.  They look a little like ski poles, but they have rubber "feet".  They are very comfortable to use and help keep you at a steady brisk pace.   I'm hoping to be able to go without them the next run.  Well, see.

So the run was Saturday the 11th, and it was FUN!  Stacie and I got there pretty early to register and get ready for the run.   There were a TON of people there!  Registration was pretty painless, and before we knew it we were waiting at the starting line.  I was pleased with my results, my main goal was to FINISH, meaning that I didn't fall dead on the road.  My secondary goal was to finish in  any place but LAST.  I kept looking back behind us:

 "Um, Stacie... it doesn't look like there are very many people behind us."  

"Shannon, there all back around that last corner still."  

"Are you sure?"

"Yes.  I'm sure.  Stop worrying and keep walking! "

"If you say so!"  

Apart from asking Stacie if we were last every half a mile, I felt really good.  We were NOT the last ones to finish, in fact we were far from being last.  So it looks like I met my two goals of not dying and not finishing dead last!  Yeah me!  *claps*  There's a slide show at the end of this post of the race.  The three pictures at the end are of the FINISH line and Stacie and I walking.  Sorry but they are fuzzy and we're kinda in the background of the pictures.  I am wearing a PINK shirt and sunglasses, and you can see Stacie with her walking poles in the other one...

We are now working 5K number 2.  I'd like to do more running than walking for this next one.  It'll be in November, and we plan on participating in the "Jingle Run" in December.  That one's fun!  Everyone wears jingle bells on their shoes.

Now, I can say with all confidence, that I will never be a "runner".  Stacie and I would laugh and joke about how we could tell the "Runners"- with a capital "r", from the "runners".  They were the ones who actually enjoyed the whole running thing.  They were also the ones who finished the whole 5K in 20 minutes.  (FYI- That's much shorter than my time!)  The only way I will ever enjoy running if if I am being chased by a ravenous man-eating animal or by someone intent on doing me bodily harm.  (Stacie also ads the Po-Po in there.  I've never been chased by the police, and I'm pretty sure that Stacie hasn't either, but I thought that was pretty funny!)  

My cousin, Brandi who has run a half marathon, or two; left the funniest comment on my FB page!  She was congratulating me on the 5K and she says, "Are you up for a triathlon?"  She must have heard my cackle all the way in Pooler, GA, because her next sentence was, "No, seriously!   We could do the relay!"  She suggested that I could do the running leg of the race, that our other cousin, Nicole could swim (she's been a competitive swimmer since middle school) and she could do the biking leg of the race.   HA!  Me run?  In a triathlon?  I don't know that I can see myself doing that.  While my interest is peaked, it's more because I'd love to do something like that with my 2 cousins, and it would probably be in DISNEY WORLD!  It's not until May, but I don't know that I have enough confidence in my athletic abilities, to sign up for something THAT intense.     

On a different note:  My Mom joined Facebook!  LOL!  She did have this scary picture of my sister and myself up for her profile picture, but I hacked into her account and changed it!  In the old one Katie was 8 months preggers and I was 86 lbs heavier!  ICK!  Now it's a much more flattering picture of us recently taken.  ( I did threaten to use one of her from the Flamingo Races, though!)    Here's the slide show from the 5K that I promised earlier.  Before you play it remember to pause the music player to the right! :


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God bless and Be good!

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