Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Again? Really?

Apparently my Mac has some magical power over children.  I'm beginning to believe that it calls to them with some high pitched siren song only short people can hear.  A while back I blogged about some funny things I found on my Mac, by accident of course.  They were too funny to pass up sharing with you.  Well, last night I was doing a little work and this popped up on the screen:  

Cute, huh?  Well there were a few others just like it, and they led me to wonder what else might be found.  So I did a little looking and found mountains of stuff!  More than you could even begin to imagine!  There were movies, snapshots, posed and candid shots, and I could go on.  There was a 3 minute mini movie of JP and Grant battling to the "death" using light sabers and the "Force", in fact, there were two movies!  What?  One wasn't enough?  Did Grant not die slowly or painfully enough for JP?  Don't worry, I won't subject you to that little gem.  Heck, I couldn't even watch it all the way through!  And the hi-jinx aren't limited to one or two kids- or even the little kids! I found pictures of Colette hamming it up for the camera!  Some of the pictures I found had just one kid in the picts, like sweet little Celine up there, others had multiple accomplices.  The funny thing is that when I ask them about it they all respond in the same, eloquent way, "Huh?  What do you mean?"  I'm guessing that while Meg and I are downstairs preparing snacks, the munchkins are upstairs busy hijacking my Mac and entertaining themselves by tying up the memory on my laptop with preposterous  pictures and mind numbing movies.   But that's just a hunch.  Here's a few more of the many pictures I am now proud to have ownership of.  The captions are my interpretation of what each munchkin was thinking when they took it...

"Let's see who has the cheesiest smile!  Ready? 1-2-3, CHEEEESE!"

"Ha! Ha! I won!  I have the cheesiest smile!  Are u pouting back there?"

"1. Miss Piggy impression 2. Angelina Jolie impression (big lips) 3. *gasp* Did you hear someone coming 4. Shhhh.  This will be our little secret!"

"Ha!  Look at me!  I'm a Japanese Jay Leno!"
"Well, would you look at that?! I can see clear to my brain! Wait that's something else in my nose, sorry!"

"Help somebody shrunk my head!"

"Take me and my bizarre little pet-man to your leader!"

So, what have we learned today, children?  Never leave your laptop alone with children, and that maybe I should install a lock on this thing!
Until next time...

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