Thursday, November 6, 2008

Beware the Red Eyed Monster!!

I have no clue what's wrong with me!!!   I am in such a stinky mood today!  I'm more snappy than a crocodile, and meaner than a grizzly bear!  Maybe it's hormones, maybe I really need a vacation, maybe I'm just a horribly mean person!  I don't know, but I'm not a very happy camper today.   I've had flu like symptoms for a few days now, but nothing horrible enough to send me to my bed.  Maybe that has me off my game?  

Whatever the reason for my foul mood, the kids are getting the brunt of it.  Not Celine, she's sickly, bad sickly.  High fever, nausea,  viciously red throat, basically the works!  So she has been safely sequestered downstairs, far from the reaches of meanie me.  Brian on the other hand... he's not had much fun today.  I usually have quite a bit of patience.  Especially in school.  I'm no Job, but do I understand that they are learning new things, and that is never easy!  No, today is a general lack of patience, which results in a serious lack in sense of humor.  So things that I would normally shrug off, or laugh off are really ruffling my feathers!  Earlier, I scared poor Brian so bad that he scratched himself with his own pencil!  I'm driving them to self mutilation!!!!  Seriously, it was just a tiny red mark, not even red, pink- light pink.  And when Meghan suggested to the boys that they have an early lunch and eat the McDonald's their dad brought home for them while it was hot, they about killed each other fleeing the room!  While I know that they were vying to see who could reach the food first, I did wonder for a brief second if it wasn't them trying to escape me...  hahaha.  

The good thing is that school's almost over.  I only have to do Religion with Grant and JP.  That won't be a problem.  God ALWAYS gives me the graces and patience I need to make that subject interesting and enjoyable.  I think that's the ONE subject they should really look forward to, and for the most part they do.  They say that "nice Shanny" teaches Religion.  I just wonder who teaches the other subjects... "the Red-eyed monster"?  (Meg teaches JP and Grant all their other subjects and I teach Brian and Celine all of theirs.  Meg is the "sweet" one!)

I'm gonna go eat some lunch myself and see if my mood doesn't improve.

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