Friday, November 7, 2008

"Grantsylvania"- a nice place to visit, but...

I wouldn't want to live there!   Especially if all I have to look forward to is being a trash collector!  Here's the story:

Grant, being bored with his History assignment to fill in the names of the states along the East cost on a worksheet, decided to occupy his idle mind by drawing a new island off the cost of Florida.  When Meg asked him what he was doing he said that he was plotting "Grantsylvania", his new la la land.  When I asked if I could live there he graciously agreed!  Being the aspiring politician that I am, (HA!  yeah right.) I asked Grant if I could be mayor or Governor, or something along those lines.  

He replied, "Nope, that's my job!"  

"Really, well, what job can I have?"

"Ummm, you could be the trash collector, or the boat parker!"

"Boat parker?!  What's a boat parker?  And, by the way, I refuse to be the trash picker-uper!"

"That's the dude who parks all the boats!  There's no cars, only boats.  Grantsylvania is anisland, so there are LOTS of boats to park, doll face."  (Did he just call me doll face?  PUNK!)

So, rather than moving to an island smack in the path of EVERY hurricane that passes over the Atlantic- I've decided to create my own la la land.  (Some people tell me that I already live in my own little world, anyway) and I shall name it : "Shannonslovikia".  Sounds cold, but I like the weather to be a little cooler.   

Celine is feeling much better today, and I am as well.  It's amazing how much getting a good night sleep can change your outlook in life.  Today looks to be a lot better!  We off to see Madagascar 2.  For some reason His Royal Awesomeness Grant, as he prefers to be called, has called me Gloria for the past few years.  Well, since the last movie came out at least!  It's cute, but I'm having a hard time keeping up with all these nicknames!  It was so much easier when they all just called me Nana! OHHHHH!  I miss those days!  OK, I'm getting sappy, time to sign off!

One last note.  I wan to try this new feature on Blogger.  Here is a picture of Grantsylvania.  Would you like to live here?  Just click one of the boxes below to let me know!

Be good and God bless!

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