Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Freebies and Frustrations

Should I begin this post on a positive note or save the postitive for the end and end happily ever after?  Hmmm. Maybe if I end positivly, then my mood and day will follow.  So I start with the "frustrations" part of this post.  

I wonder how our teachers survived us.  And even more so, how is it that they didn't end up bald by the time they retired?  (From pulling their hair out in a never ending fit of frustration...)  This is the end of the second quarter for us.  That means quarter tests, grades, and the dreaded Book Review!  Dun-dun-dunnnnnn!  Grant it, when you put into perspective, my job isn't nearly as stressful as say, oh, Idunno a brian surrgon or a soldier fighting on the front lines in Iraq., but it can be stressful all the same.  Like now.  It'll pass, but for now it seems overwhelming.  Maybe it's the straw that's braking this camel's back with all the holiday hoopla.  This too shall pass.  I just need to remind myself to enjoy the right now, and not focus on the dozens hundreds thousands of things I have to get finished before this time next week!!!!!  AAAHHHHHHH!

Now for the fun stuff!  If you'll recall, I have a little contest running right now!  I wanted to post a picture of the bag that some lucky guy or gal will be winning!  (Hey, the guys could give to their wives, or mothers, or some other special lady in their life!)  The one in the picture is one I made for my fabulous friend, Meghan.  She loves orange, so I lined this delicious, chocolate brown velvet envelope bag with orange silk.  It's accented with a crystal snowflake broach, and has a single bangle ring for a handle.  The prize purse will be the same style (we call this our "Cora" bag, after my youngest niece.  It's cute, yet spunky; just like the little girl!)  I've had a few entries, each one seems to think that they are the winner!   Are you gonna prove them wrong?  Good luck, and have fun!

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