Friday, December 19, 2008

A Decade of Awesomeness!!!

Today is a bittersweet day for me!   Grant is turning TEN today!  Of all the munchkins' birthdays this is kinda hard for me.  Grant was only 3 weeks old when I came to work for the Williemas Family!  So I have watched him grow and change so much over the years.  He was the youngest child I had cared for, ever!  I'll never forget the first time Donna asked me to give him his bath, he was maybe five weeks old, and I'd been there for only a few weeks.  I'd never given a baby that small a bath, and I had a minor freak out inside my head:

Donna asks, "Do you think you could give Grant his bath for me?"

I calmly respond, "Um, sure. I can do that."

(What I was thinking was: Oh, no!  She wants me to do what?!! Me? Give that tiny baby a BATH!? How? He's so little! What if I get the water too hot?  What if it's not hot enough?  What if he gets cold and then gets sick?  What if I get soap in his eyes?  Holy, cow!  He's gonna be wet and soapy and What if I DROP him!  I can't do this!  Should I tell her that I've never done this?  I mean I've watched her do this, but I've never done it myself! -  OK! Breathe!  Calm down... you can do this.  You've watched her do this several times.  It's not rocket science.  Just be careful and, no, I wouldn't tell her that you haven't done this before.  Just ACT like you're a pro, and you'll be fine.  I think." 

I went on to give Grant his bath, everything went just fine.  He was probably a little cold, but he survived, and if you asked him today he probably wouldn't even remember it.  So it couldn't have been THAT bad!  Right?  To this day, I have not told Donna that story.  She doesn't regularly read the blog, but my luck, she'll decide to read this post!  Well, Donna, if you are reading this- I've greatly improved on my bath giving skills!  And I NEVER dropped Grant, EVER!  (Brian is another story.)

I get so much joy from this little man.  He can always make me smile, even in the midst of driving me bonkers!  Here is one of my FAVORITE blogs about Grant.  In honor of his decade of awesomeness, I have made him his own slide show!  Enjoy some of my favorite pictures of my favorite 10 year old!!! Then after you're finished click in the "Here" to read the old post about Grant's Mirror O' Vanity!

Happy Birthday, G-Man!  You're the Awesomest!

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