Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random, and Mostly Pointless Things About Me:

So this Chain Letter thingy is going around on Facebook.  I finally gave into it, because I felt I had no other choice.  I had beed tagged like 2 dozen times to fill it out!  So in order to stop the insanity I decided to join the crazies and fill it out!  As promised on FB, I have posted it as today's blog.  Enjoy!  (BTW- all hate mail can be sent to Facebook.  I didn't start this thing, I'm just along for the ride!)

25 Random things about me

25. I detest Chain mail. The ONLY reason I'm doing this is because my INBOX is jammed with all the notices and forwards from this ONE! (haha!) I have a feeling that the only way I'll get my INBOX back is to relent and fill this out. I apologize to all I "tagged" in this note. Feel FREE to not continue the insanity!

24. I can't stand to read something is "single space". If I MUST, then I like the paragraphs to be separated by an extra space. See how neat it looks now? Plus, my head doesn't hurt from trying to decipher it all!

23. I can't spell, or type, to save my life! No, really. If someone held a gun to my head and ordered me to spell something, I'd be worm food. 

22. Spell check is both my lifesaver and my arch nemesis! 

21. I sneeze more times in a row than it is thought to be humanly possible. Like a minimum of 5 times EVERY time I sneeze! ( my friends and loved ones have learned to just hold off the "God bless yous" until I have finished my Epic Sneezing! It's like a sneeze-a-thon!!!!

20. I blog. A lot. This may not be news, but it's a bit random... kinda. P.S. I'll be posting THIS on the blog. Like I'm gonna waste this prize-winning piece of prose on a CHAIN LETTER~ HA!

19. I've been scared to death all my life to finally "get healthy". I was afraid that I'll just slip back into the "old ways" and be right back to where I started. 

18. I'm loving that I am living my life, FINALLY! I have plans to visit friends in far off places (Christina-NY!!!!) and hopes to do some long postponed travels! Not to mention trying things that I have never had the gusto to do!

17. I struggle with self esteem issues. 

16. I want nothing more than to be a wife and mother, but I know that God knows my heart's desire, and in His time, He will grant those for me. 

15. One of my favorite people in the world is my Mom. She makes me laugh, she cries with me, she's my BIGGEST cheerleader, my sounding board, and my voice of reason. I am soooo blessed to realize this while she is still around to enjoy these things about her. And my greatest fear is of loosing her. 

14. Of all the things my parents taught me, the thing I cherish most is my Faith. I thank God each day for the love and devotion my parent fostered in me for the Church. I am so grateful for their example and witness.

13. I am terrified of tornadoes. Terrified.

12. I have every intention of living in St. Augustine, FL until I die... I will then be residing UNDER St. Augustine. (haha!)

11. My joy is my nieces and nephews, and my God-Children. They remind me why I love to laugh!!! (Don't shake your booty in church!- a very important life lesson!)

10. WoW! I thought I was going to have a hard time coming up with "random" things about me. Just goes to show you how random my life IS!!!

9. I'm addicted to Facebook, my more specifically the FLAIR app! I would like to apologize to all my FB friends that I have inflicted this obsession on. I will try to send LESS flair, I promise! 

8. I have been a professional nanny for a decade now. Does this qualify me for mental health benefits? I somehow doubt it, but I could use 'em!

7. I had an amazing childhood! I WISH I could be either six or ten again. Those were GREAT years!!

6. My sister has become one of my best friends, something I highly doubted would ever happen when we were kids. And she's about to become a business partner, too! Love ya, lil' sis!

5. I never really had a nickname growing up, except for maybe "Whoody", but that was when I was a baby. "Shannon" isn't an easy name to shorten. My mom did often refer to me as "Little Mis-Information", because I get things wrong- a lot. The kids I nanny for used to call me "Nana", but grew out of that :), and my nieces and nephew call me Aunt Sissy, because my sister has always called me Sis or sissy. I don't think she really ever called me Shannon growing up (except when she was tattling on me!!)

4. I homeschool the younger kids I nanny for. I can't believe that I wanted to be a marriage counselor when I was in high school and in my early years of college! How depressing. Teaching can be depressing, too. At times! HAHA!!!

3. I hope to marry a man much like my father: strong, honest, funny, kind, a good provider for his family, and hard working. I only hope he's not as big a NASCAR fan as Dad is! ;)

2. I have two sweet kitties and a fish: Domenic, Rosie, and a Beta- (as yet to be named!)

1. This took WAYY too much time to do! But my last statement is a serious one. While I fully recognize the historical and fantastic moment this past Presidential inauguration was, I believe that we have just elected a man into the highest political office in the world who has officially proclaimed peace on the terrorists and declared WAR on the unborn children of both the children of this country and those of the international community as a whole. For many, many years we have enjoyed God's blessing on this great nation of ours. We often say, "May God bless the USA!" But due to the moral choices we are now making as a country, I believe it's time for us to cry out, "May God have MERCY on the USA!" I pray that President Obama will be the president we NEED. It is my fervent desire that this 44th president will indeed be remembered throughout history as the "change" this country needed. Pray for our new President and our country. 

May God bless and keep you all safe. You are in my prayers!! XOXOXOXOXO


Katie said...

I thought you hated single spacing? Your words are running into each other.

CatholicGirl said...

ummm... Ithink it's your computer screen. It looks fine to me! Get some dollar tree glasses, old lady!!! haha! j/k