Monday, January 26, 2009

To The One Who Loved Me First...


Today is a very special day!  This is the day that my glorious mother came into the world!  I shall not reveal her age, a Lady NEVER does, but we'll just say that she's a little older than me... by a quarter of a century!  

My mom is the most special-est lady I know!  She's one of my FAVORITE people, (even when we don't agree).  In my opinion, this woman has contributed one of the, if not THE, most wonderful gifts to all man and woman kind... ME, of course!!  Only kidding!  In all seriousness.  My mom really is an amazing woman.   She has had so many trials and hurdles in her lifetime, all of which have shaped her into the woman she is, and in turn shaped my sister and I to be the women we are.  

Mom is a survivor of Breast Cancer- TWICE.  Not a relapse, mind you, but two separate battles, the second while I was in high school and old enough to know what was at stake.  She fought cancer twice and has the battle scars to prove it, but these battles proved to her and everyone around her how strong she is.  Rather, how strong her FAITH makes her.  Mom raised Katie and I to be God fearing and God serving women.  She instilled in us the importance of "God first, family second, and love above all!"  

This is a woman who not only battled deadly diseases and won, she also fought hard for what she believed in.   Wether it was that she believed the bus stop was too far from our home, or that her parents deserved to be cared for by people who loved them in their final years, Mom stood firm on her principles and fought to see that things were done the way they were supposed to be done.  I could go on, and on, and on about my mom, but I think that I'll spare you, dear readers, and instead do a "25 Random things about my Mother" list.  (Seeing as she'll never do a list of her own!)

"25 Random things about my Mother"

1. She is the youngest of 5 kids, and the only girl!
2. Mom broke her ankle about 8 or 9 years ago, and has more medal in and around her ankle than was thought to be humanly possible.
3. Mom can't make it through an entire movie without falling asleep.  It has something to so with finally sitting still!
4. When we were kids, Mom didn't like how far we had to walk to reach the bus stop, so she had our driveway designated as an official stop on the route!  It is STILL one to this day...
5. Her favorite color is BLUE.
6. She was once obsessed with seagulls.  (She was even going to name me Jonathan Livingston Seagull before she found out I was a girl)
7. And yet she is TERRIFIED of birds!  She saw the movie BIRDS! as a kid and it scarred her for life.
8. To compound the fear of birds; she was attacked by a vicious duck at Flagler Hospital, and  it took two night security guards to pry the duck off her and usher it back to the pond from which it came.  It is a HILARIOUS story that you'll have to get either Katie or myself to share with you.  But DON'T ask her about it.  She won't talk about it...
9. She has been a cosmetologist for over 30 years now, and used to have a beauty shop at the house.  I mean the WORKS!
10. She once dyed my hair half red and half green.  In her defense she was trying to undo the years of bleaching I had subjected my hair to.  It was really the hair's fault.  I still had to wear my hair in a french braid for 2 weeks while we waited for her to be able to fix it.  Otherwise it would have all fallen out from over processing!
10. She is the DRE (Director of Religious Education) at our parish and was the Youth Director before me.   
11. Mom went on EVERY field trip, chaperoned every dance, and participated in every committee imaginable while we were in school.  
12. Mom can't have Chocolate and caffeine.  They give her heart palpitations!
13. Mom had a pace-maker installed last year, and is doing GREAT!
14. When my grand parents were in the final years, she and Dad sold their home that Dad had built himself, and moved in with Gram and Grandpa to be their caregiver.  She went form loving daughter to nurse maid, book keeper, and became a parent to her parents.  As hard as that time was, she cherishes it.  I know that she'd have cared for them another 20 years if it meant that they could still be here.  (God bless and keep Omaha and Opah! May they rest in peace!)
15. She loves me more than "the other sister" (you know who)!
16.  She makes a mean chicken perlo.
17. She loves and protects her family fiercely!
18. She's not very into leisure reading...
19. Mom is an ADORING Grandmother, she lives to spoil her grand babies!
20. Mom really wants to go on a cruise this year... maybe!
21. She and Dad will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary this year!
22. She's a meticulous house keeper.
23. Mom considered becoming a nun when she was younger.
24. She's my biggest fan and my harshest critic.  Thanks, Mom!
25. Mom is a strong woman of faith, who lives what she believes.  She has raised two amazing daughters, is married to a loving husband, and she loves spending time with the ones she loves!

In short my Mom is the #1 Mom in  the world!  Thanks for being you, Mom, and for helping me to become me!

With ALL my Love-
From the one who loved you first...


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