Thursday, January 22, 2009

March for Life 2009

This past weekend I took the munchkins for a trip to St. Auggie for the annual March for Life, St. Augustine.  Thursday will be the 36th anniversary of Row vs. Wade, when the Supreme Court or these United States of America made it legal to have an open season on the unborn children of this country.  The national March for Life will take place then in Washington DC to let our government know that there ARE still Americans who know that this decision, while it may be lawful is immoral and unconstitutional.  The March we participated in was in conjunction with the DC March, but for those who could not make the journey.  

I am a survivor of a holocaust.  The Holocaust that has taken millions of lives in the past 36 years.  My mother could have, without any explanation, "taken care" of me.  She could have decided that she wasn't ready to be a mom yet, she could have decided that she just couldn't afford a kid at the time, she could have come up with any number of reasons why she didn't want to be pregnant at the time; and she could have walked into a innocuous building and terminated her pregnancy, no questions asked.  But she didn't.  She chose LIFE! Because of her choice I have led a very blessed life.  She brought me into a world where children are not cherished, but disposed of like used tissues.  But she cherished me, and taught me to cherish ALL life, from conception to it's natural death.  

We marched for all those who cannot.  We lend a voice to all those who cannot speak.  God, the Author of life says quite clearly, "Thou shall not kill."  Who are we to decided that is a suggestion and NOT a commandment?  I was filled with pride and sadness as we marched down San Marco Ave in St. Augustine, Florida on Saturday.  Pride that we were doing something unpopular of Him and His littlest ones.  Sadness that we must do this at all.  

Below is a slideshow of the pictures we took.  We placed over 4,000 white crosses on the grounds of Nombre de Dios Shrine to create a "Cemetery of Innocents".  This is the number of abortions performed each day in America ALONE!!

Today, on the saddest of anniversaries, our prayers join those hundreds of thousands of every race and creed who will be marching in DC to give the clear message that the Legalization of Abortion is WRONG.  People from around the country are lifting their hearts to God between noon and 1PM EST.  I humbly beseech you to do the same.  Pray for an end to abortion, pray that the hearts of all Americans might be turned and that we may become a Culture of Life rather than death.  

Our Lady of Guadalupe, PRAY FOR US!!!!

This post is dedicated to my Mom, who gave me everything when she gave me LIFE.  I love you Mom!

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