Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snotcicles and Blogger's Block...

(The fountain outside my condo complex) 

OK- about the snotcicles first... It is C-O-L-D today!  It doesn't often get this cold in Florida, so when it does I have developed a rating system that can full express how cold it really is.  You know, because, the standard scientific measurement of temperature in degrees is just not reliable.  I kidding of course, but what does 27 degrees FEEL like?  My system lets you know just that.   I thought I might share my system with you so that you, too, could amaze your friends and loved ones with your extensive understanding of the workings of the weather.  You can thank me later...

It gets really hot here at times... so when the mercury climbs higher and higher and is close to eclipsing 100 degrees, then I like to say that "It's hot enough to melt the makeup of a Texas beauty queen!"

When it's just plain hot, then  it's "Hotter than blue blazes!"

If it's warm, then I might say, "It's as warm as a pig in a blanket!"

When the weather is PERFECT... not too hot and not too cold, then it's a "Fabulous Florida Day!"

If it happens to be raining I say it's "Time to build an Ark( or a dingy, depending on how hard it's raining.)"

When the gentle breeze is blowing off the beach then it's a "Easy, breezy, beautiful coastal day!"

And if it's cold enough for a sweater or jacket then it's simply, "Sweater Time!"

Like I said earlier, it doesn't often get really cold around here, but on days like today- where fountains are frozen over, dogs are donning their sweaters, children are chilly at the bus stops, and grown-ups are ga-ga over their coffee, it's cold enough that if I had a runny nose I then I'm pretty sure that it would freeze into one big snotcicle.  Not a pretty thought, I know... but true you must admit.  The phrase, "Holy snotcicle, Batman!" is reserved for the coldest of cold days.  I think that at 27 degrees, today qualifies for this phrase!

I hope this explains "snotcicles" for all those out there who were previously confused, (ahemm- KATIE!).   Up until today I DID have "blogger's block" but I seemed to have recovered!

Bundle up, stay warm, and...

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Yvette said...

Yea! You got my voicemail. Awesome post, BTW. Too funny!