Friday, January 23, 2009

Shut yo Pie Hole!

Ahhhh, pie.  How amazing is pie? Come on!  It's warm, and sweet, and flaky, and oh-so-good!  There have been songs written about pie.  When something is simple we say that it's as "simple as pie"!  If you're living the dream then it's said that you have a "slice of the pie".  If you posses great virtue then it could be said of you that you are "as wholesome as apple pie!"  If you happen to be talking too much or driving me nuts then I might exclaim, "Shut yo pie hole!"  Pie is an American as well, apple pie!  While Americans didn't invent pie, we seem to have embraced it whole heartily!   Why all this talk about pie today?

Why, today is NATIONAL PIE DAY, of course!!  DUH!!!  Meg started all this nuttiness by coming into the classroom on Wednesday and announcing that it was National Hug Day.  I declared that yesterday was National Kisses Day, it seemed only logical...  Then I learn that today is National Pie Day.  How wonderful!  (*exclaimed with a voice dripping in sarcasm*)  While I like pie as much as the next person, I'm wondering if we REALLY need a National Day to honor pie.  

So to honor this revered pastry, I have decided to have a pie naming contest!  HOORAY!  Here's how it'll work!  It's kinda like Scatagories... You send me an email naming AS MANY TYPES OF PIE AS YOU CAN, and each original pie name will count as 1 point.  (So if more than one person lists "apple pie" then "apple pie" doesn't count. Get it?)  If you name a pie I've never heard of and it checks out as a real pie, then you get 2 points!  List as many pies as you can!  BE HONEST!!  This list is supposed to come from your PERSONAL knowledge of pies!!  It's no fair if you Google "Types of Pies"!  So, make your list from MEMORY!  Whoever gets the most points will win an original Shananagins Bags purse!  If we happen to have a tie then the winner will be determined by a drawing.  Just send your entires to .  

You may be wondering what purses have to do with pie... well, NOTHING.  But I can't make a pie to save my life, and I can make purses REAL good! LOL!  (Plus, I'm not sure how I'd SHIP a pie, anyway!  Haha!)  Send your entries in ASAP!  This contest will run for ONE WEEK.  It will expire at Midnight on January 31st!  Get crack-a-lackin'!

P.S.  Brian wants me to ask you this joke....

What do you get when you cross an alligator with a duck?...

One less duck!  Ba-dum-bump!  CHING!  LOL!  

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