Thursday, January 8, 2009

Random Insanity...

I thought I would share a few of our funnier moments from today.  There were oodles of them, but these were the winners, in no particular order...

Today while we were in the midst of school, Brian was being his usual goofball self, when I turned to him and said, "You are such a HAM!"  To which he replied, "But I'd rather be bacon.  Actually Canadian Bacon."   As I shook my head in wonder he continued, "But then again Canadian Bacon is really just ham, so I guess that would still make me a ham, huh?"  Meghan says in a awe filled voice, "Brian you are so smart."  My only response was, "So I guess that makes you a smart pig?"

Then, later, during lunch, as I sat eating my favorite WW meal (the Four Cheese Ziti) I was reminded that it's someone else's favorite, too.  You wouldn't believe it, but Grant loves this one!  He never misses a chance to beg a bite or two off whoever is eating it.

"Yummm. Your eating that stuff!" 
* he eyes WW meal covetously as he drools dangerously close to the dish*

"Yeah. You got a problem with that?" I replied a tad too defensively.

"Nope.  I love that stuff." 
* he opens his mouth like a starving baby bird, waiting for me to drop a noodle or two in that gaping pie hole of his*

"What?!... I don't think so, buster.  Don't even think about it!  This is MY lunch.  Didn't you JUST eat two tacos?, I snapped at him." (mostly because I had to SMELL the two tacos, and they smelled VERY yummy!)

"Uh-huh.  But I'm still hungry. And I love that stuff."

"Would you stop calling it 'that stuff'?  It's called ziti, and it's  all I get for lunch, so go munch on something else. Please." (I added the please with the lost hope that he, too will begin to use the phrase regularly.  Fat chance.) 

"But I need to lose weight, too!  See?" 
*he proceeds to show me the following...*

"OH MY GOODNESS, Grant!!! That's just WRONG!", I gasped.  "You do NOT need to lose any weight!"

"I know, Mom says I need to gain some... but it was worth a try." And he walked off to take my suggestion to go find something else to eat.

As funny as that was... we had many interesting moments to choose from.  Like making Koolaid.  How can that be interesting?  Well, Celine was in charge of making it today, that's how.  See, Brian is banned from making it because he never fails to make a disastrous mess every time he makes Koolaid.  JP doesn't want to make it, ever.  Grant will make it on occasion, but he makes only a slightly smaller mess than Brian does, so that leaves either Celine or myself to make it.  Seeing as how I was busy with Colette, who stayed home sick today, I asked Little Miss to make the stuff.  She knows just what to do, so I was surprised when she came to me and said, 

"Shanny, could you come and taste the Koolaid?"

"Um, honey, I can't what's the matter with it?"

"It tastes funny."

"Funny?  What do you mean?  Did you remember to add the Sugar?"

"Uh-huh.  Two cups."

"Umm, well, what 2 packets of flavoring did you use?" (Because they have all come up with odd combinations that just taste HORRIBLE!  Like fruit punch + blue raspberry.  Not only did that one taste disgusting, it looked pretty gross, too.)

"I used two lemonades."

"Well, then.  It should be fine sweetie.  Don't worry about it."  

"NO! You have to taste it!  It tastes FUNNY!"

"Why?  Did you sneeze in it?


Well, did you stick your foot in it?"


"Did you stick GRANT'S foot in it?" (I was kidding her about the feet by the way!  I just love teasing her.)


"Then WHY does it taste funny?"

"I don't know!  Just come taste it!"

"I have no idea what's wrong with the Koolaid, Celine, but you have to promise me that you didn't do anything to MAKE it taste 'funny'!  Hold on let me get my camera...  OK- Now when I say 'three' you have to promise on film that you didn't.  OK?... 'THREE!'"

"The Oath"

So... I told her that I'd be in the kitchen in just a second, as soon as I was finished with Colette.  When I walked into the kitchen, this is what I found waiting for me:

Isn't she a funny one?  Haha!  As it turns out, the Koolaid tasted fine, at least to a person who NEVER drinks the stuff. (YUCK!)   I have no idea why she thought it tasted funny.  Maybe she'd been licking her feet before she tasted it?  IDK( I Don't Know)... and I'm too tired to care at this point.  Apparently the Grande Starbuck's I had this morning  has worn off...

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