Saturday, January 17, 2009

War of the Wierdoes!

Here's a little video that was recently made during a typical day of school here at the Williemas Household...  (I'll explain it afterwards...)

This is what ensued as Grant stood near Brian today.  They started goofing off, and I tried to separate them, so I grabbed Grant to pull him away from Brian, (remember that you can't touch Grant's arm too hard... it's STILL broken!  He keeps re-braking it!) when Grant picks his feet up off the floor and wraps them around Brian's neck!!!  He wasn't hurting Brian, of course, but thank goodness Celine was already playing with my camera and got this tape.  Otherwise you may have NEVER believed me!  This is my life.  Oh, joy.  Save me from the weirdoes.   Please.  I beg you.  Help... *spoken in a tiny voice*

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