Friday, January 16, 2009

Super Nanney for a Day!

Hi this is Brian... and I am being Shannon for today...

So here is today's post:

Last night, sense Brian likes animals he had a dream about animals.  Here is what the dream was like.  He had a dream about he had lots of pets he had a solid gold elephant and a giant Galapagos turtle that had a baby about the size as a tic-tac container.  Some elephants were useful they would get him wet in the summer and some would lift him to high places.  He also had chimpanzee that would peel his bananas he had a rhino and they would race!  The rhino did it for fun but brian did it for baseball.  He had hippo and a giraffe, and the giraffe scared off the mailman with his long tongue!  For some reason he had a mammoth and a blue whale and he had five horses and two bunnies.  I wish I really did have those kind of animals!  But all I have is a cat.

I hope you enjoyed my dream!  I liked being Shannon for a day!

P.S.  O.K. this is Shannon, now.  Brian typed this all by himself, send some comments and let us know if he should start his own blog?  LOL!


Katie said...

I'm confused, did the mail man have the long tounge?

CatholicGirl said...

Brian said that it was the giraffe that had the enormously long tongue!!