Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dry as the Dessert...

HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!  Before you go correcting my spelling- I purposely typed "dessert", rather than "desert".  Why?  For the shock value, of course. But also because as I was typing the title for this post I could audibly hear my buddy, Meg's voice saying, "Desert has one 's', dessert has two.  Ask yourself which you would rather have two of; dessert or desert?"  So I had to give her a shout out for weaseling her way into my brain ONCE AGAIN!!!  Thanks, Meg, for helping me to look like less of a moron!   Now, if Yvette could only teach me how to properly use a semi-colon, I'd feel like a real writer!  Ha! Ha!

So back to the exciting topic for this post.  Oh, wait.  There isn't any!!!!  My life has gone from far from interesting to down right boring.  Well, as far as blogging goes.  I have been soooo busy lately, and I think I may be over tired.  Huh, imagine that, an overtired grown up.  Never heard of such a thing!  J/K, I know that the majority of us would fall under that category right this minute, much less at some point in our adult lives.  Didn't someone, somewhere once say, "Strength in Numbers"?  I think maybe not in this case, just picture a jammed highway littered with weary drivers with blood shot eyes and you'll get my point.  You may or may not be asking yourself, "What has Shannon SOO busy these days?"- OK, so you weren't asking yourself that, but I bet you are NOW!  The answer would be, "A LOT!"  Between 10 hour work days, working out 5-6 days a week, and being a volunteer youth minister; you would think that I had enough to keep me busy.  But why be "just" busy when you can be "insanely busy!"?  Add to the afore mentioned activities: Tuesday evening square dancing lessons(youth group activity), a Thursday evening night class, then learning to knit (Thanks again, Meg), and working on Shananagins Bags orders.  But the insanity doesn't end there.  My sister and I have decided to jump feet first into the sea of E-commerce by starting a business together!  "What?!!  In THIS economy?!!"  Well, if you thought that them you would be right, but I think we have made a wise choice in WHAT we've chosen to sell.  When times are hard, and money is tight, people will still spend money on select few things.  Cosmetics, weight loss aids, their dogs, and their children- in that order!  (Isn't it nice to know that our priorities are in order?)  Katie and I are combining our talents and starting a baby business.  No, we aren't going to become surrogate mothers, or open an adoption agency, or illegally trade munchkins, (I know SOME of you were thinking that!).  We are making and selling baby products!!!  We are in the final stages of web development, and as soon as the site is ready I'll give you all more details!  I'm really excited about this, and it is a lot of fun working with my sister.  It's our hope that we will one day be able to open a store front, but for now we will be hocking our wares on the world wide web, to friends and family members, and at craft shows.  Oh, and we have a store in St. Augustine who wants to carry our stuff too!  So we are moving right along!!

To make a LONG post even longer... the reason I titled this post "Dry as the Desert" was because that's how I feel right now.  With all the exciting and crazy things going on in my life I've had very little time or ideas to blog about this week.  I feel like a loser not posting as much this week, but there just hasn't ben the motivation or the material.  (I would like to mention that, as I pen this post, Celine is standing VERY close to me writing all over my desk planner- trying to figure what everyone's name would be spelled backwards.  Yes, it is cute- but now my planner is a MESS!  ;) It's fun to listen to her try to pronounce them, too!  I've just been informed that I have to refer to her as Enilec from now on.  Oh, joy.)  I'm sorry that I haven't had what it takes to post this week- I promise to try to do better next week!

Thanks for reading- and keep the comments coming!!!

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