Friday, February 6, 2009

Fabulous Friday Fun!!

Today is Friday.  No biggie, right?  Not around here!  Friday means a day of lighter school work, hilarious antics, and usually lunch out somewhere or a movie.  Today was both.  We went to see the new Pink Panther movie... don't bother- it wasn't worth running out to see.  Slow and stupid.  That's my official review.  The kids were pretty funny, JP wanted pictures with all the movie cut outs.  

They're pretty excited about the new Night at the Museum.   Man these cut outs have gotten really detailed!   

Celine and Brian posed next to Steve and his GIGANTIC pink #2.  I want a giant pink number.  Better yet, I want my name in GIANT pink letters.  I doubt my roomie would allow me to keep it in the living room, and let's face it, my name is really long and would NOT fit in my room.  Therefore it would HAVE to go in the living room!  So- what do you think, Yvette?  HUH?  

After the movie, 2 tubs of popcorn, and FOUR GIANT cups of Coke, we went to lunch.  Needless to say, no one was very hungry.  But they had a little something at McDonalds, (blech!) oh, and they all made room for ANOTHER Coke!  Can you say hopped up on sugar?  Any mom of kids who have had copious amounts of Coke know WHY it was named Coke; because the kids get STRUNG OUT when they drink it!  Lucky me... they're bouncing off the walls. (note the sarcasm...)

I gotta go referee a squabble.  They sound like they are bringing down the house!

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Yvette said...

Maybe for Valentine's Day, but after that, no pink is allowed in the livingroom! LOL