Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu-ACHOO!

With all the panic over the recent outbreak of the Swine flu, I decided to pose a few questions about the Piggy Pandemic to the munchkins- just to see what they think of all this mayhem.

What happens when you get the Swine Flu?:   
Celine: Your stomach feels weird/bad, your nose starts running, your eyes might start tearing, you have a cough, and you sneeze, you may get a headache.

Brian: ... and your head might even explode! And you sneeze A LOT!

How do you get the Swine Flu?:  
Celine: You eat a pig and you get the flu.  

Brian: You go swimming and then you get the swine flu. 
Shannon: Um, does that mean you have it now, because you went swimming yesterday?
Brian: Uh-huh.
Shannon: You know I said SWINE FLU, not Swimming Flu...
Shannon: So how do you catch the SWINE FLU?
Brian: You hug a swine- or a pig.
Shannon: You catch it by hugging a pig?
Brian: *Nods his head yes*
Shannon: So, all of these people who are sick got that way by hugging PIGS?
Brian: *still nodding head yes*
Shannon: In other words, they are "Pig Huggers"?
Brian: Yep.

I am suddenly reminded of THIS picture...

Am I to be the next victim?

This post is in no way meant to make fun of those who are sick with this sickness... I am aware that a small boy in Texas has died because of this flu, and my thoughts and prayers are with everyone who is suffering through this right now.  We are pretty isolated in our little "home schooled" world, and for this to reach their antennas is pretty big stuff.  I was wondering how much they were picking up on all of the reports.  Apparently, so are listening more than others... Makes for an interesting blog, though.

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Yvette said...

Too funny. Poor Paco...