Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Big B!!!

Today is Brian's 9th B-day!  

Yet again, the time seems to be FLYING by... 

This is a chid with a tender, loving heart.  He's always ready with a smile and kind words.  Each day, after we have finished with our school work for the day, he will not leave the school room until he has given me a very thoughtful hug.  By that I mean that it is long and loving; you can't help but feel loved when you are with this child.  Add to that his AMAZING sense of humor, and uncanny ability to pick up and properly use quotes  form TV and Movies.  He's a trip!  I encourage you to look back on some of my older posts about this funny little friend of mine.

Here's one of my FAVORITE baby pictures of him....

And he requested that I take a picture of his new Webkins...

Here's to NINE AMAZING years, Big B!!  I will be saying extra special prayers for you today!  You are a blessing to everyone you meet.  

I love you, sweet boy.

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