Wednesday, May 6, 2009

WICKED! Awesome!!!!

In honor of my amazing evening at WICKED! I'm writing this all in green!  Also because "Pink goes good with green!!" ( You have to see the play)  It was so well done!  I was so impressed with the entire production!  The stage!  The acting!  The music!  THE COSTUMES- wow!!!!  To have experienced this with Meg was a blessing!  We tried to remember all the things we had seen together.  They vary; from Harry Connick, Jr. to American Idol, and who can forget Michael Buble??!!!  So this was another stellar addition to our list of experiences together!  She is an amazing Daughter of God, and a pretty rockin' friend!  Love ya, Meg!! 

  Here are a few pics of us and a little video we did while waiting for the show to begin:

Myself and Meg before the show and minus the green effects.

Our seats, until we MOVED, to better ones!

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