Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Week 36...

We are in our last week of school.  WOO-HOO!! and BOO!!!  Apparently this is a bitter-sweet time.  We have been working hard all year to get to this point: the end of the year.  Yet, as we now find ourselves staring in the face of this mammoth goal, it seems to be too soon. I must find was to occupy these munchkins days! ALL DAY! So now I will be planning the annual Willimas Familia Summer Camp.  *panic setting in*

Of course the majority of the time will be spent in or by the pool and ocean, this is Florida!  Then there will be the requisite bowling tourneys that we challenge one another to, many, many movies watched,  and picnics by lake and at the park.  With all of this stuff to keep us busy- it's hard to believe that it will not be enough!  

I have to go plan all the fun we will be having- starting NEXT week.  For now... it's back to grading papers, going over quarter reviews, administering end of the quarter tests, and MOUNTAINS of paperwork!  I can't believe that I'm even blogging right now!  In fact- I'm going back to helping Brian with his Religion Exam... *sigh*

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