Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just back...

I'mmm baaaack!

After a much needed respite from the daily blogging, I am back, Jack! (Okay, so it hadn't been daily for a while there, but I really needed a break!)

So... what'cha been doooin'?

I've been doing a bunch of nothing, and a little of something. I've been writing, just not on the blog. (Sorry, Bethany!) I've been working- the kiddos are great by the way... they say "HI!" They have apparently missed the blogging too. Throughout the summer I'd laugh at something or say "That's too funny!" and the immediate response would be, "SO will that make it onto the blog?" Some of the hilarity was probably quite blog-worthy, but alas... it is lost forever.

We had Summer Games! Meg took all the pics, so until I get those from her, you'll just have to trust me that we had a blast! Well, the munchkins did at least!

I have a new God daughter, Amelia Rose! She's a sweetie! She'll have her own post in a day or so. Her Baptism is Monday, so I'll do something special for her!

My BIL (Blogspeak for Brother-in-law. Less to type and mess up that way!) has been deployed to Iraq for the next year. While we as a family are very sad to have him away from us, we are bursting with pride! I'll be keeping you all up to date with how he's doing as well. You can also check out my sister's very patriotic, star spangle-ly blog:

She updates regularly and you can see my adorable nieces and nephew. Plus keep up on all the excitement of their growing brood (the have 3!)

Have no fear of me abandoning the blog. I know you were losing sleep at night over this. School has started back, so I'll be spend copious amounts of time cooped up in a small area with these fantastically funny kids. That can only mean one thing: MORE BLOGGING!

A wise blogger once said:

"That which doesn't kill me gives me blog fodder."

So true, Mr. Miyagi. So true...

A closing note:

I saw a t-shirt when I was out shopping this weekend. The gist of it was:

"Sorry, I'm busy... just read my blog!"

Well, I've been too busy to even update, so I'm very sorry to those who read regularly and look forward to updates. I promise to do better from now on.

Lunch is coming to an end, so I have to end this post! Thanks for reading and not giving up on this Ninny of a Nanny!


Yvette said...

Did Mr. Miyagi really say that?

Great comeback blog!


CatholicGirl said...

Haha, Yvette! That would be a big N-to-the-O! No, dear, sweet, wise Mr. M never said that. But he should have! You made me laugh so hard my left contact fell out! HEHEHE!

Kim said...

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